November 26-28, 2018
Higher School of Economics
International Model United Nations
(HSEIMUN - 2018)
St. Petersburg, Russia
Registration is open till October 15
Higher School of Economics International Model United Nations (HSEIMUN) is a new event in the constellation of MUN activities held all around the world. It is an emerging platform for international education and intercultural dialogue. Our Mission is to bring young leaders from all over the world to discuss and resolve problems the contemporary world faces today. We aim at providing high school and university students with a fascinating experience of leadership training, education and communication.

HSEIMUN is held under the auspices of the National Research University Higher School of Economics (Saint - Petersburg) - one of the leading universities of Russia in the fields of Economics, Social Sciences and International Relations. The Conference is mainly run by the students and faculty members of the BA Program "Political Science and World Politics".

Although HSEIMUN Conference will take place for the first time in November, 2018, HSEIMUN Team has rich experience in organizing and taking part in MUN activities all over the world, and is doing its best to make it an incredible educational and entertaining experience.

The Conference is held in November 26-28, 2018 and open to high school and university students.
Model United Nations is a globally known role-play game, simulating the work of the United Nations Organization and its main committees.

During a conference you will have a chance to represent a certain country, formulate and defend its foreign policy position, debate on a resolution with the representatives of other member-states. Young diplomats are to find solutions to political, economic, environmental and social challenges the world faces today, trying to overcome national interests and reach mutual understanding and cooperation.

MUN is popular all over the world for different reasons.

First, it is a unique opportunity to participate in global decision-making process and learn how international institutions work. Resolutions that are negotiated during MUN conferences correspond to the most burning issues of the contemporary society.

Secondly, MUN is a chance to communicate with students from different countries, practice language skills, meet new people, make friends and learn new cultures.

Thirdly, MUN participants can visit fascinating places, travel to various cities and combine sightseeing with truly international experience and education.

Learn More about MUN in our Delegate's Guide
AGENDA - 2018
Security Council

1. International Security within the Context of the Korean Peninsula;
2. Deescalation of the Conflict in the Middle East.

First Committee (Disarmament & International Security)

1. Measures to Prevent from Acquiring Mass Destruction Weapons
2. Preventing Arms Race in the Outer Space

Second Committee (Economic & Financial)

1. Access to Clean Water, Food Security and Nutrition;
2. International Cooperation to Prevent Illicit Financial Flows.

Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian & Cultural)

1. Elimination of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance;
2. Protecting the Cultural and Historic Heritage in the Areas of Armed Conflict.

Human Rights Council

1. Promoting Human Rights of the Refugees;
2. Right to Privacy on the Internet.

Youth Forum (in Russian)

Action Paper on Equal Access to Education

Youth Forum is organized for those not very confident in MUN procedures and the English language, but willing to know more about world politics, diplomacy, and the United Nations in particular.

Youth Forum program consists of:
- Attending all general events of the conference (Opening and Closing Ceremonies, General Assembly);
- Workshops with keynote speakers and experts, including practitioners in the sphere of International Relations;
- Model discussion of the issues on the agenda.

November 26
10:00 - Registration
11:00 - Opening Ceremony
13:00 - Lunch
14:00 - Lobbying
17:00 - Approval Panel
17:30 - Social Event
November 27
10:00 - Briefing with Experts
11:00 - Committees in Session
13:00 - Lunch
14:00 - Committees in Session (till 18:00)
November 28
10:00 - General Assembly
13:00 - Lunch
14:00 - Closing Ceremony
16:00 - Social Event (Closing Reception for Participants)
Please read carefully the Terms of Participation before application. By submitting the application you confirm you've read and agree to the Terms
(1) HSEIMUN is open to all wishing to participate, provided they are enrolled as high school students (15 years old and more) or university students (BA programs).

(2) The official language of the HSEIMUN Conference is English. All delegates should have a sufficient level of English to successfully participate in the event.

(3) High school and university students will participate jointly during all conference events.

(4) Participants must be prepared for the work as an MUN delegate, aware of the Rules of Conduct and use the official Rules of Procedure during formal events (including committee sessions). The dress code is formal.

(5) High school students and university students under 18 years old must be accompanied by advisors - teachers or faculty members (one advisor per 10 people). Advisors are free from paying registration fees.
(1) Participants can apply individually or in groups. All applications are accepted on a "first come, first served" principle. There are 50 countries available for selection: 25 for individuals and 25 for groups.

(2) Security Council is formed on a competitive basis. Students wishing to take position in Security Council must submit a separate application form, attaching their CV and motivation letter.

(3) One person (group) may submit only one application. Each application will be considered by the Secretariat.

(4) The deadline for applications is June, 10. In case of vacant positions, the deadline can be extended.

(5) Once the application is granted, participants must pay the registration fee, as well as register for the Conference within 30 days, otherwise they are to be excluded from the list.

(6) By submitting all information applicants agree with the personal data and privacy regulations defined by the Russian national law and HSE regulations.
(1) All participants must pay the registration fee. Exceptions are made for school advisors accompanying the delegation.

(2) Fees cover conference materials (badges, placards, programs etc.), coffee-breaks and lunches, social events (walking tour, closing reception). Fees do not cover visa, travel and accommodation expenses.

(3) Fees can be paid by credit card or via bank transfer. There is no opportunity to pay on site. All payments should be done in rubles (RUR)

(4) Fees can be refunded by request from an individual (in case of individual application) or an advisor (in case of group application). Note that if the request is received after September 30 no fees are refunded.
(1) It is the primary responsibility of the school / university advisors to ensure the safety of the delegates, especially when out of the HSEIMUN conference venues.

(2) Students under 18 years old are not allowed to the HSEIMUN conference unless attended by senior advisors (school teachers / faculty members)

(3) HSEIMUN organizers bear no responsibility for any losses of money, personal belongings and valuables of the participants. Participants must not leave their personal belongings unattended.

(4) HSEIMUN bear no liability for any accidents and injuries beyond HSEIMUN venues and without direct (in) actions of HSEIMUN that led to the situation.

(5) All cases of property losses and physical damages must be immediately reported to the HSEIMUN Secretariat.

(6) Participants must follow the Rules of Conduct while at the Conference. They should refrain from taking alcohol, illegal substances and smoking. Legal adults may smoke during the breaks within a defined smoking area. All cases of violation will be reported to the HSEIMUN Secretariat as well as the Police.
(1) Before the Conference, delegates are strongly encouraged to read the Delegate's Guide and prepare for the Committee Session. All HSEIMUN events should be attended to receive a certificate.

(2) The delegates must be polite and respectful to each other, use formal language and comply with the formal dress code. Delegates wearing jeans, snickers and other casual clothes are not allowed to the HSEIMUN venues.

(3) No ECTS credits are given to the students.
Most foreign nationals require a visa to enter Russia. It can take time for a visa to be issued, hence the application process should began not earlier than 2 months prior to an expected date of the visit. Visas are issued by the Embassies and the Consulates of the Russian Federation

Before the application, make sure that your Passport is valid for at least 6 months from the planned expiry date of the visa you intend to obtain. You will also need certain specific documents, like the medical insurance.
Please note that the visa invitation from the HSE can only be issued upon the receipt of a fee payment.

To get a visa, you may need the invitation letter for the HSE. Since invitation letters are issued by the Russian Migration Authority, it may take up to 30 days after the application. For the EU - citizens (except the UK and Ireland) invitations are issued within 1 week.

To get an invitation, please:

(1) Scan your passport
(the pages detailing your name and the authority which issued the Passport);
(2) Send the copy
(3) Please note that you should apply for Humanitarian visa, a type "Research-Scienfitic Visa" unless other is mentioned by the Organizing Committee.
(1) Please check at the Russian embassy if you are required to provide an original of the visa invitation letter. It is always better to ask the Russian consulate first whether they accept copies of invitations or only originals and to specify it when applying for an invitation to facilitate processing.

(2) If you live in a country other than your country of origin, please note that (subject to your home country) you might be not allowed to apply for the visa in the country of your residence, or additional application requirements may apply (e.g. you might be asked to provide notary translation of your residence permit in the country of application). Please check with the Russian Embassy in the country of application.
From the 25th of November 2002, all foreigners are obliged to fill in a migration card, which will be given to them when they cross the Russian border. It is required to put in the migration card: 1) personal information, 2) terms of stay in Russia and the purposes of the visit and 3) the prospective residential address. It is obligatory to fill in the name of the inviting company and the address of the inviting company. Please, do not lose a migration card! Incase of damage or loss of migration cards foreign citizen must immediately inform the Local Organizing Committee.
Upon arrival to Russia a foreign citizen needs to go through the visa registration procedure.
If you stay at a hotel it goes automatically at the place of residence being arranged by a hotel.
If you do not stay at a hotel, provided that you have a visa which was issued through an invitation of the Local Organization Committee, the procedure of migration registration can be done by the Committee and is free of charge.
Find a suitable place to stay:
St. Petersburg, often called the Northern Capital of Russia - is not only an open-air museum, but also the reflection of the last three hundred years of the Russian history.

History of the city began in 1703 when the fortress St. Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great, the first Russian emperor. Among the largest cities in Europe St. Petersburg is one of the youngest.

Today St. Petersburg is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as an important center of tourism in Russia. It has preserved the unique cultural heritage, magnificent buildings of various architectural styles and thousands of authentic monuments.
(1) There are nearly 600 bridges in Saint-Petersburg, and 22 of them are drawbridges.

(2) There are more than 70 theatres in St Petersburg.

(3) There are nearly 300 museums in the city, and each year the city holds festival The Night of Museums Festival.

(4) Hermitage is the second world largest and also oldest museum in the world. The collection of the State Hermitage includes over 3 million works of art and world culture artefacts. You can also name your visit into the Hermitage as a "cultural fitness", because it is total 20 km long way.

(5) Total area of the premises of Hermitage is 233 345 sq m, exhibition area is 66 842 sq m and if you want to see all works of art and stop for 1 minute at each exhibit, Hermitage will steal 8 years of your life.

(6) Saint Petersburg is famous by its white nights, which are in the peak during May, June and practically whole July. It's the time when the day is very long and the sun shines till the midnight and then rises at 3-4 at night, so the nights are not dark

(7) Nevsky Prospekt is one of the best-known avenues in Russia. It's the most touristic place in the city. It goes through the historical center of the city and there you can see the most beautiful sights of the city, impressive buildings, squares, churches, bridges. It's nearly 5 km long and according to statistics 2 million of people goes through it every day.

(8) Saint Petersburg metro is one of the deepest subways in the world: some stations are 70-80 meters deep and go under the water. Metro station Admiralteyskaya is the deepest station in the city.
Saint-Petersburg is known as the cultural capital of Russia. There is a huge amount of landmarks with historical value. Of course, it's impossible to see all them during a single visit to the city. Don't be confused looking at the travel guide and follow our recommendations! You can find the most prominent and popular landmarks of Saint-Petersburg on the map below:

123 Griboyedov channel embankment, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 190068

+7 (911) 831-05-49

How to reach us:

Metro station Sennaya Ploschad' / Spasskaya/ Sadovaya
Buses: 49, 50, 181, K212
Tram: 3

Stop at Nikol'skaya Square / Novo-Nikolsky bridge

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