Disarmament & International Security
Abatement of illicit armament
Agenda: Protocol to halt illegal arms flow through Libya
The First Committee deals with disarmament, global challenges and threats to peace that affect the international community and seeks out solutions to the challenges in the international security regime.

The agenda of our committee is «Protocol to halt illegal arms flow through Libya». The atmosphere of lawlessness and degradation of the state that developed in Libya after the NATO intervention in 2011 provided unhindered access to vast stockpiles of weapons, including heavy ones belonging to Gaddafi's troops. The instability in such an important, from the political and economic points of view, country as Libya has attracted a lot of attention from the international community. Libya's territory now is used as a channel trough which every day flow thousands of illegal immigrants from nearby territories. In addition to the criminalization of the Libyan population in the context of the proliferation of weapons, the illegal sale of arms has flourished in the country, often going beyond its borders, which eventually led to irreversible consequences, including the supply of terrorist organizations and criminal groups with means of combat. Moreover, there are deliveries of heavy weapons bypassing the international embargo to the warring parties in the civil war. Accordingly, our goal is to develop and propose mechanisms to ensure compliance with the embargo obligations and to prevent the transit of arms from the combat zone. In terms of this year Model, we hope that Diplomats will find out the way of fighting with this problem and propose the ideas for restoring peace in Libya.
Isa Javadov
My name is Isa and I study at the Higher School of Economics on the educational program «History». This model is already the 16th for me and behind there is experience of conferences in countries such as Italy, Palestine and Germany. As a member of the group of organizers of the model I hope for a constructive and productive discussion of the problems and wish everyone success!
Daria Makhonkina
Vice President
My name is Darya Makhonkina and this year is my second term as a Chair of the First Committee in the HSEIMUN. It is a great honor to be there with participants and to help them find the solutions to the complicated international problems. Since the first year in HSE I found it interesting to study international cooperation between countries. That is the main reason of my participation in this Model. The First Committee, of which I am the Co-Chair, this year, will consider an important agenda which is connected to the serious and relevant issue related to international security. I hope that we will have an interesting and productive work together!
Valeria Pronina
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