Special Political and Decolonization Committee
Ideological and religious mediation
Agenda: Prevention measures against further fragmentation of African failed states
The fourth committee deals with a diverse set of political issues. Through consolidation and compromises looks for common grounds that allow implementation of pragmatic measures, needed to preserve political stability in stressed regions of the globe.

'Prevention measures against further fragmentation of African failed states'. Such a choice of agenda may be justified by the significant importance of peacebuilding process in African states. Today the former colonies are supposed to be 'failed states', that are opposite to the Western 'successful states'. They are often described as states with clan and tribal rivalries, corrupt civil services, a fragmented state, and the diversion of state revenues to private purposes (Kevin R. Cox, 2017). In this regard, African states face a number of challenges such as criminal trafficking, terrorism, lack of prospects for young people, etc. One of the best-known consequences of these challenges is the European migrant crisis, which has begun in 2015. The main objective of the international organizations is to bring peace to African states. I hope, that during our Model of United Nations we will endeavor to find out particular preventive measures against further fragmentation of these states.
Polina Zaytseva
Hello! My name is Polina, and I'm a student of "Political Science and World Politics" in the Higher School of Economics in Saint-Petersburg. In the upcoming Model of United Nations, I am going to serve as a chair of the Fourth Committee (SPECPOL). That will be my second experience of acting as a chair, as I was a chair of the Security Council during the first Model of United Nations here in HSE. Additionally, this year I had a chance to participate as a delegate of Hungary in the Bayern Model of United Nations, which is held in Nuremberg, Germany. I strongly believe that participation in MUNs is a perfect opportunity for all-around development!
Anastasia Korchagina
Vice President
Hello! My name is Anastasia, I'm the student of the philology faculty in Saint Petersburg' Higher School of Economics. This MUN will be my 6th conference as I have an experience of being not only a chair, but also the admin and the head of admins on the other conferences. This will be my third chairing experience and I am already looking forward to meet all the members of our committee! Good luck to all of us!
Ekaterina Staritsyna
Vice President
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